About Kryson’s Kreations


Always evolving, I started this blog first to support my writing. As I started more hobbies and more things to distract me from writing, I needed more to blog about. Soon business pursuits, crochet, beading, wire-wrapping, photography, photo editting, cooking, books I’m currently reading and cat posts all but took over. But, I’m still a writer!

My goal is to balance these pursuits into a blog about creativity in general. Process, tips, patterns, projects, and just generally discussing things I and others have done, made or written. I’m excited and I hope to get you excited, too.

Guest posts, comments and conversation welcome!

I decided on Kryson’s Kreations because Christy’s Creations already exists, many times over. Search results are 157,000+ so I decided to stick with the pen name I’ve been using since 1984, Kryson. After being mistaken for a male many times online while using the name Kryson, I decided to add Lady so there would be no question. I was called “dude” and “brother” more times than I can count.




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