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I wish all books that are part of a series at least had a series number on the cover or spine or something. I’m enjoying the book, but I feel like I’ve missed a lot not reading the other books first. It’s like stepping in on season five of a TV show. Yeah, they might recap some things but you still feel a behind and maybe even a little lost. Most of all, if you’re really enjoying it, you feel like you missed out. I feel like I missed out.

I’m getting a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel from this book sans the “Buffy” style humor. I think it’s not so much the story itself that reminds me of Buffy, but the terminology and mythos. The story feels like it’s set in a similar world to the Buffyverse.

So, if you liked Buffy, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

Jack McShane: lover, killer, seducer, family man, and vampire. In the shadows of Savannah, with its hip nightspots and moss-draped oak trees, Jack is trying to save humankind from a threat it doesn’t know it faces: an explosion of the otherworldly, the weird, the wanton, and the wicked.

Tourists are heading to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day–and Jack is racing through tunnels below the city to the edge of Hell itself to hold off a plot posed by the double-dead and demented. But Jack must also hold off his own desire for Connie Jones, the beautiful cop he turned into a vampire slayer. Connie, her blood running hotter than she can handle, can’t imagine the games that Jack is playing with her body and her mind, or that the other monster she’s falling in love with is all part of his devious plan.

Welcome to the world of Jack McShane, a blue-eyed vampire who knows how crazy things can get–once you get a little taste for blood.

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