Mar 172016

Without giving away spoilers, I found myself wanting to ask Dean Koontz how the human genome project might have changed the narrative of Midnight. Probably not much if at all, but it was interesting to think about.

I’m not sure how I wound up with so many unread Koontz books, but I think they’re replicating. I’m almost out now, so they need to hurry up and get to making more! I don’t know how I’ll survive without more Koontz to read. I guess I’ll have to start reading other authors for a change. 🙂

Seriously, I’m starting to run out of books that I haven’t already read. I never thought this day would come. Soon I’ll have to start raiding my husband’s books and my parents bookshelves.

In picturesque Moonlight Cove, California, inexplicable deaths occur and spine-tingling terror descends to this “edge of paradise.” Growing numbers of residents harbor a secret so dark it is sure to cost even more lives.

Tessa Lockland comes to town to probe her sister’s seemingly unprompted suicide. Independent and clever, she meets up with Sam Booker, an undercover FBI agent sent to Moonlight Cove to discover the truth behind the mysterious deaths. They meet Harry Talbot, a wheelchair-bound veteran, who has seen things from his window that he was not meant to see. Together they begin to understand the depth of evil in Moonlight Cove. Chrissie Foster, a resourceful eleven-year-old, running from her parents who have suddenly changed and in whom darkness dwells, joins them. Together they make a stand against darkness and terror.

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