Nov 122015

A couple years ago, I posted about the snail invasion that happens every time it rains at our house.  When we first moved in, the entire house and sidewalk would be covered in snails after it rained. Over the years, the snails have become more and more scarce.  While I don’t miss the smell of decaying snails, I do miss watching the fascinating creatures. 

Since they started disappearing, I started taking pictures, when I remember. I found this little guy on the stairs out back and rescued him from being stepped on after taking a picture of him.


The snail from 2013 was much darker. The red in his shell was pretty. I looked for the empty shell after rains stopped, but I never found it. I only found shells like the one above.

Snail Invasion

I’m hoping to remember to take pictures more than every two years before they disappear completely.

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