Nov 082015

In one of those boxes on the right side of the blog is my word count. I’ve been pretty good at keeping it updated so far. For those of you following my progress, STOP PRESSURING ME! Just kidding! 🙂 Thanks for keeping me going!

Here’s my current count so you don’t have to go looking for it. The image will update with my current count, but this post will scroll off the page fairly quickly. Best to look for the Writing Projects box on the right side.  🙂

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Skillet Zucchini

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Nov 082015

When I have zucchini and need an easy side for a meal, I like to make this skillet zucchini recipe. It’s especially good as a side for Italian meals, but works with many different entrees.

The original recipe was passed down in my family and has been copied and recopied, modified and remodifed many times. This is my personal modification. It’s a simple side, but sometimes the simple recipes can be the most coveted.

I don’t usually cover the skillet, because the cast iron skillet I use doesn’t have a lid.

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Nov 082015

Fire and snow are two of my favorite photography subjects just behind my grandson and Mister Underfoot. Now that we have a fire pit, which was given to my husband for his birthday by two awesome people, I’m hoping to get both subjects in one shot.

I’ve posted several snow/winter pictures, so I thought I’d add some fire to the mix. I love the purple color to the coals in the first picture. Not sure why silver maple tree wood looked purple, but it was very pretty.

fire20141031 Purple Coals – October 31, 2014

fire20151028Dancing Flames – October 28, 2015

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