Sep 302015

My husband likes more than a sheet in the summer, but blankets are too much. He was complaining one day about being too hot with the blanket, but not feeling comfortable without it, so I asked him if he wanted me to make him a summer blanket. He gave me an enthusiastic yes, so I set about gathering patterns and yarn.

I made him pick the pattern I was to use. I figured he would know better what would work for him. He decided rather quickly on the Spiders & Cobwebs Throw pattern posted on the Redheart website.

I had some leftover yarn from the blanket I made him several years ago and decided to make the summer throw to match. I was out of the exact green color and no one had it in stock so I opted to leave it out. I also dropped the brown because I wanted to get started right away and I was almost out so I was left with Redheart colors black, claret and fall.

I finished it last year right before the end of summer. I hate working on blankets, even summer blankets, during the summer. It’s too hot! He was so cute about it though, even taking interest in picking the pattern, that I wanted to get it done before he had no use for it anymore. Little did I know he’d use it through the winter, too.


I made the sad choice putting the blanket on top of a similar color to shoot the picture, but I think the design comes through with the solid colors. He seemed to really like it and has used it ever since. In the winter, he piles the blanket I made him and the quilt my mother made him on top. 

Making this pattern and switching colors didn’t work out the way I hoped. I think next time I use this pattern, I’ll stick with one color, no switching. It was a fun pattern and I’m thinking about making myself one soon.

Here’s the blanket I was trying to match…

Hubby's Blanket

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