May 042015

More in Mom’s amazing Denim Collection.

My mom gave this beautiful blanket to my husband as a Christmas present. He loves heavy blankets and quilts, so the first thing he did when we got home was spread it out on the bed and climb under it. Between the weight of this quilt and the blanket I crocheted for him, I don’t see how he moves at all in his sleep.

It’s absolutely gorgeous. The eye is immediately drawn to this quilt when you enter the room. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit trying to identify pairs of jeans that were mine.

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  8 Responses to “Mom’s Stained Glass Denim Quilt”

  1. Beautiful! So creative!

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  3. Hi Christ. I love the denim quilt your mom made. Do you know what techniques she used? It almost looks like she did quilt as you go, but looking at the back, maybe not. And did she piece the sashing or is the denim appliquéd onto the black?

    I have a memory quilt to make for a friend and I’m looking for ideas. Saw your quilt on Pinterest.
    Thanks Jo-Anne

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