Mar 302015

My mother has been particularly industrious recently and she gave me permission to post a few of her projects!

I’m always amazed at what my mother can do with sewing (and everything else for that matter), but I just LOVE these storage boxes she made out of old jeans. What a fantastic way to get rid of clutter and make things look neat and organized without using a bunch of boring plastic storage boxes.

The pockets are not only cute, but also functional! The wallet wear adds so much character. It makes me want to snoop to see what’s in that particular pocket.

This almost makes me want to break out my sewing machine… almost. I’d have a lot to learn before attempting something like this. I think I’ll stick to crochet for now.

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  13 Responses to “Mom’s Denim Storage Boxes”

  1. Did she slip these over a cardboard box? what makes it so stiff? Like you said very decorative and better than plastic

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