Feb 232015

I like making this recipe ahead and tossing it in the freezer for later. I even freeze the rolls if it’s going to be a short enough time before I make it.

Freezing instructions are at the end. I highly suggest a Foodsaver for freezing. It vacuums out the air and prevents frost and freezer burn.

Regular Ziplock freezer bags and a straw work well, too. I’ve had to use that method recently since my Foodsaver isn’t working correctly anymore.


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Feb 162015

Cherry chocolate cookies! These easy cookies taste a lot like chocolate cherry cordials especially when they’re warm. I had to stop myself from eating them all before I could even glaze them.

You could try dipping half of the cookie into the glaze for a different look. Even if you slop the glaze around like I did, they end up looking artistic. I’m not adept at doing fancy things with glazes or icings, but I was pleased with the way they turned out. 


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Feb 092015

This nice and easy side dish compliments a variety of entrees. I like making herbed potatoes with recipes that take a lot of time to prepare. The potatoes cook in the slow cooker while making the main dish.

Red potatoes are pretty, but any kind will do. I’ve used regular baking potatoes, gold potatoes or whatever I had on hand. I’ve also replaced the herbs with Italian seasoning when accompanying an Italian main dish.


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Pumpkin Cookies

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Feb 022015

Super soft! A family favorite!

My husband isn’t a big fan of sweets and this is the only cookie he actually asks me to make.

I rarely have pumpkin spice, but the spices can be replaced with 2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice if you’d prefer. I like the extra cinnamon myself, but both ways taste good to me.

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