Laptop Blues

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Nov 102014

Two days ago, I was taking a break from writing while looking up something on YouTube when the monitor on my laptop turned black at the edges and blocks of color started moving around the screen. The sound started stuttering and this deep voice blared out of the speakers. “What… what… a-a-are… youyouyou…” I have no idea what could have been playing to cause those words, I’m guessing it was an ad before whatever it was I loaded, but it was freaky!


The laptop was unresponsive for several minutes. Not even the power button worked. It finally rebooted and I tried to figure out what happened, but I couldn’t duplicate the problem.

Thanks to Scrivener, I didn’t lose anything. I hadn’t saved in some time, but Scrivener saved my butt.

So, I was typing along yesterday, listening to Midnight Syndicate and hammering out the words when my laptop started looping the last sound and froze. Not even threatening it helped.


Yes, I morphed into a male with a gun this time. I’m glad my husband wasn’t home because he might have had a heart attack.

I lost some words this time, but not as many as I could have. Probably a few hundred at most.

Between having issues turning my laptop on, I have to keep moving the position of the monitor until it’s in some arbitrary perfect spot, and this new issue with what seems to be my sound card, my laptop appears to be dying.

For now I’m staying away from FaceBook on the laptop thanks to the auto-loading videos, YouTube and sound at all for that matter, but the ease of working anywhere trumps the possibility of losing words.

Throwing caution to the wind! I hope I don’t regret it!

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