Return Address

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Nov 072014

Yesterday’s post was about what I would say to Underfoot if he was literate for a day. Today, he gets to respond.

Reading yesterday’s post first is advisable. You can find it here: The Blanket I’ll Never Finish

Dear Christy,

The blanket is mine. Your lap is warm and comfy. I’m not moving!

The toilet? Dream on. I’m not trying to balance on that thing! I’d fall in and I see what you do in there. Now flush it for me so I can play with the swirling water.

I don’t understand what the baby is. He doesn’t give me attention, he’s not another cat and when he’s around I’m not the center of attention anymore. His toys? He doesn’t have toys. Everything on the floor is mine, including feet! And shoes!

It’s time for my tenth nap today. Please spread the blanket out across your lap again and stop trying to turn it over. It disturbs me!


Mister Underfoot


Yesterday, your pet/baby/inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back (thanks for the suggestion, lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view (or just pick any non-verbal creature/object).

The Daily Post – Return Address

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