Nov 032014

We live in a bi-level, so the front door opens to a landing with stairs that go up and stairs that go down. This set of stairs, the down stairs, are the bane of my existence. My husband has fallen down them once that I remember, but I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tripped on these stairs.

I’ve also tripped up the stairs, but that’s another story.


My favorite fall was a few years ago. I was coming from the kitchen upstairs carrying a drink in one hand and a piece of pizza in the other. As soon as I hit the second set of stairs, my feet slipped out from under me and I bump, bump, bumped my way down to the bottom. My backside hurt, but I didn’t spill a drop of my drink and my pizza was still in my hand.

Priorities! I saved my refreshments!

I’ve often thought about hooking up a camera to see if I can catch myself falling down the stairs. It has to be an amusing sight!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

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