Safety First

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Nov 212013

Seconds before… I grabbed her and didn’t let her fall down the laundry chute.

She was so curious she couldn’t resist when I left the chute open. I was getting the kitchen towels and when I came back I found her like this. She actually managed to slide part way down, her claws dug in to the wooden sides, when I set the camera down and grabbed her.

Silly curious kitty.

Several weeks later, she actually did slide all the way down.  She landed with a muffled, shocked cry but softly on the clothes at the bottom.

She was never curious about the laundry chute again. I learned to keep it closed anyway. Even a few seconds is enough time for a curious kitty to find an indoor slide. And we had two other possible curious kitties. I’m shocked they didn’t learn to team up and open it themselves.

Baby and the Laundry Chute

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