Nov 122013

It’s way past my bedtime and I’m fading fast, so I’m going to take the easy way out today and post a picture.

Jackson Square from our 2010 vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana. There are so many details you can’t see from this far away, so I’m planning on posting more pictures later.

All around the outside were merchants and artists selling their wares. So talented! I really wanted to buy a painting, but I was afraid we wouldn’t have room in the cramped vehicle to take it back with us. So, I bought some of the best pralines I’ve had in a long time in a little shop near Jackson Square.  I think Aunt Sally’s was the name of the place. I even brought some home for Mom. Much smaller than a painting. Tastier, too!

Jackson Square

I only fixed the sky in this picture. It was a little grey so I added some blue. I don’t edit everything, but the more I practice the better I get, right?


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