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Nov 112013

One of the most requested meals in our house is the extremely healthy (not) Company Casserole. I’m usually the Italian lover in the house, so I’ve always been a bit confused, but I guess the cheesy goodness is just too hard to resist.

There was a period of around six months when my daughter was about four that she would hardly eat anything. But you stuck a plate of Company Casserole in front of her, she’d eat it all and ask for more. So, I made it often for some time. It made me feel good to see her scarf  down one of the first recipes I modified myself and it still makes me feel good when my daughter and hubby request it.

I can’t say it’s one of my favorite meals to make, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t leave me with the satisfaction that more difficult recipes do, but the reaction to it is certainly one of my favorites. Loaded with calories, it’s not for the healthy conscience. I don’t make it as often as I used to for that reason. The expanding waist lines have to stop somewhere.

When I do make Company Casserole, it smells and tastes like home. My husband always tells me that’s the love I put in it, but I think it’s the cheese!



Company Casserole Recipe – Click here!

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Company Casserole

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Nov 112013

The original recipe calls this Company Casserole because it “has things commonly found in your kitchen” so you can whip this up when company comes over. Sadly, I don’t commonly have all these ingredients in my kitchen, and I added a few more, so company casserole isn’t fitting. But, I couldn’t think of anything else to call it. I’m not very creative when it comes to dish names. Poor Man’s Lasagna has been suggested or Italian Casserole of the Thousand Calories, but I think I’ll try to figure something else out.


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Nov 112013

Detective Deirdre O’Malley thinks she’s got the best of both worlds in Hidden Lake. An old-fashioned, no-crime small town set right in the middle of busy Fort Lauderdale. But then there’s a murder. Anna Lemont is the first victim – a friend to most of Hidden Lake’s psychic community. Who’s the killer? Deirdre is wondering about a very competitive TV talk-show psychic. She is zeroing in on Anna’s philandering lover, a man with his own secrets. She is backing away from her former lover, a lieutenant on the police force. And Deirdre is talking, repeatedly, to Gary Lukas, Anna’s best friend, a psychic whose scientifically monitored out-of-body travels on the night of the murder landed him, almost indisputably, in the killer’s mind. Deirdre is a rational woman. But in this gripping novel of non-stop suspense, no one, not even a straight-thinking cop, can afford to doubt the validity of certain psychic phenomena. Not in Hidden Lake. Not when the killing continues.

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