Moved by Music

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Nov 052013

For as long as I can remember, music has moved me. Almost every genre holds some gem that makes me want to dance, laugh, cry, create, or remember. But there are some songs that stand out because the memories they bring crashing back unbidden are powerful.

Every time Hootie and the Blowfish’s song Let Her Cry comes on, my mood instantly changes. I can still see my adorable 3 year old daughter standing in front of the speaker and belting the words, making up the words she couldn’t understand, and smiling like it was the happiest song in the world. She would fling her arms out on the word “cry” in a dramatic gesture of exuberance. Sometimes she’d start bouncing on the parts she couldn’t understand singing “let her cry” over and over.

No matter what I was doing, I would stop and watch her performance. I’d clap and laugh. She’d run over, hug me, and run off to play again. So, whenever I hear Let Her Cry, I can’t help but smile and remember my darling daughter turning a sad song into one of the happiest songs and fondest memories.

These are the words I remember her singing. The music video is posted below if you’d like to listen while reading her words. Maybe you can hear what she heard.

She sits alone
By a bump posed
Trying to find the thing that is mine
She says there’s the one
I love the most
But let’s not fall behind

(lots of nonsense words and humming)
FLY AWAY (she shouted it)

Let her cry, if the tears fall down my ring
Let her sing, if it “eateds” my pudding
Let her go, let her (mumble)
And if the sun comes up tomorrow
LET HER BE, LET HER BE (shouting)

I tried to get her on video singing, but even though she was a huge ham for the still camera, she just wouldn’t sing for the video camera. She’d hang her head and act like she was shy and embarrassed. I guess I wasn’t meant to share with other people. Let Her Cry was our thing.

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I enjoyed this topic and might have to revisit it one day. I had a hard time picking just one song to talk about.

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