On the Horizon

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May 082013

It’s starting to get warmer and soon I’ll be spending more of my time in the dungeon to keep cool. I’ve been working on a great many projects since last fall and promised to post pictures, but I keep getting distracted by more projects. I’m hoping one of these days I’ll learn better time management. Yeah, that’s going to happen!

I’ve made a lot of jewelry recently. Some pieces are listed for sale at Countrysidewalk and I will be posting most of the pieces I’ve made on CMH and here as well. I still have plenty to finish, but I’ve missed my blogs, so I’m trying to slow down a bit and post more. The backlog of things I need to post is getting unmanageable. I have a ton of crocheting projects to post and many pictures and recipes to post on the Community Cookbook. I haven’t finished any writing projects recently, but I plan on getting back to those as well. I’m also still trying to find a theme that will work for Macabre Manor so I can start working on it again. All help with Macabre Manor has fallen through, so I’m determined to get it running solo again.

Kryson’s Kreations (changed from Kryson’s Macabre) will still be the main feed for everything save the recipes on the Community Cookbook, so check back here for changes very soon!

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