Jun 242011

My Baby Dark Tortoisehell in 2005This is the sister of the Tortiseshell Calico posted earlier.  Unlike her sister, she’s doing well and is as feisty as ever.  She’s a beautiful kitty with very expressive eyes and vocal cords.

She tries to talk constantly, but we can rarely make out what she’s saying.  No, now, me, food, here, bed, and look seem to be the extent of her understandable vocabulary.  If she isn’t understood, she gets louder and louder until we follow her.  Most of the time, she leads us into the bathroom.  We haven’t figured that one out yet.

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For more products with this image, visit the Dark Tortiseshell Calico page on CafePress.

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  1. […] My baby dark tortoiseshell is about 16 years old now. She has always been rather talkative and very clingy. She doesn’t like it when anyone else picks her up and although she’s the smallest, she’s queen of the house. The larger cats tend to stay out of her way and if they don’t, she puts them in their place. She’s not my pet. I’m her pet and she makes sure I know my place, too. I’m also her bed, servant, and mommy. […]

  2. […] August 27th, my baby tort passed away. My husband was at a meeting and we were going to have her put to sleep as soon as he […]

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